Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Adult Contemporary Coasters are here!

For the last two years I have been working on and off again with digital images of older paintings. Really I've been doing this for much longer but that's beside the point. These new "paintings" are filling up my hard drive. Occasionally I'll share the images on twitter or facebook or tumblr but they've always remained "working drawings", things I make that don't exist as anything but little notes to myself. Proof, I guess, that I'm still working, but I never really thought about showing them, not in a gallery at least.

I like a lot of things. I mean when I was a kid I always liked the section of the hardware store where they kept the twopenny nails. That hardware store used to have a huge container of nails, several containers really, all different types of fasteners, you just had to reach in and grab as many as you wanted. I liked grabbing a bunch and letting them fall out of my hands into the container as if it were gold instead of galvanized steel. I liked the part of that store that sold rope too, giant spools of rope. I can't say if those buckets and spools are why I work serially but I do remember always liking a lot of things. Things in great quantity, long series of paintings followed by even longer series of digital rearrangements of those paintings are somehow satisfying. I suppose it's a compulsion to compete with the efficiency of manufacture.

You might remember I made a doormat a few years ago, sales of that venture went so well I have decided to once again step into the world of manufactured "editions" (I still have all of them, get at me, they're now old stock, available at a steep discount!). Which brings me to the point of this post. I've started a line of drink coasters, the first of which are available for sale below. I've called the series of images Adult Contemporary for reasons that remain mysterious even to me. 

The coasters are double sided, with a different image on each side, four images in total. They are offset printed using vegetable based inks on heavy weight pulp board manufactured, I'm told, from managed forests in the EU (that means for every tree they cut down another gets planted). They are available in packages of 8 and each package will also include an original drawing on a coaster. All coasters are highly absorbent and reusable, if you'd like to read more about them you can on the manufacturer's website.

Adult Contemporary coasters are available in packs of 8 plus one drawing for $15.00, and come in a windowed gift box. Please select the shipping option in the drop down menu if you need me to ship your coasters. Get yours today.

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